Our Mission

At Precedr, our mission is very simple; we aim to turn ideas into successful businesses through investment, support and mentoring.

As our name suggests, we like to precede all other involvement in a new venture because we believe our unique philosophy gives Founders with great ideas the best opportunity to succeed.




come before (something) in time;
come before in order or position;
go in front or ahead of.


someone who sets the precedent for others.


Founders with Ideas

As pre-seed investors we look for committed individuals or teams with great ideas, and the willingness to work through the ups and downs every start-up faces at the beginning of its journey.


If you have the above characteristics, we’ll work with you to turn your idea into a successful business by introducing investment, mentoring and introductions to key people that can help you achieve the success you seek.

Investors with Ambition

At Precedr we are able to back the most promising start-ups right at the beginning of their journey because the support we provide our start-ups substantially increases their chances of success.


If you are an investor looking to maximise the return on your investment, or someone that is looking to invest smaller amounts into more ventures, you should consider investing alongside Precedr.

Mentors with Expertise

If you’ve worked in an industry for many years, or have experience managing or opening a business, we’d love to add you to our network of expert mentors.

Tell us about yourself and your qualities and we’ll be in touch.

Co-founders with Skills

If you are an individual with technical, marketing or sales experience and are looking to get involved in the best ventures out there, that has the best chance of success, then consider becoming a co-founder to one of our businesses. It is an excellent opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously.



If you have nothing more than an idea, then look no further; we’re one of the few firms who invest during the concept stage. We’ll give you everything you need to turn your idea into a successful business.


Our angel investors are here to give you a hand up. Personal, committed and involved, our angels know what it takes to invest at pre-seed. They are made up of individuals and companies ready to back the most promising ideas.


The most important aspect of your business is the team. Most start-ups fail because the relationships aren’t right. We’ll help you find the right people for your start-up at the right time, including skilled and experienced co-founders to keep your business on track.


Our diverse and knowledgeable network of mentors provide advice and support to work through any early setbacks and strategise for the future.


Our expertise in turning soft-tech concepts into platforms and businesses is virtually unrivalled. If you want to start a business that will rely on a website or an app – then look no further than our experience, our contacts and, ultimately, our investment.


We aim to be the first investment your business will receive, but not the last. We’ll take you from concept to traction, and then use our network to find your next investor, to further fuel the growth of your business.


Starts-ups are incredibly hard work. Even harder for those who have never been through the experience of building, launching and scaling a start-up. That’s why our Mentors are so important to us and to you.


Incentivised to help you grow, our mentors will give you the support you need to translate your idea into a successful and scaling business. They will offer industry-specific expertise, may choose to lead the next round of investment, and could introduce you to your first customers through their contacts.


Our mentors are located around the world and work together for the benefit of our start-ups. That means you won’t have just one mentor available to support you, but a global network of mentors ready to help you grow in any direction or location need.


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05 Sep
  • By Precedr

Seven weeks in and we’ve heard some incredibly good ideas, some good ideas with some flaws, and some fairly bad ideas. Add into the mix good and bad ideas with pitches that vary from incredibly good to incredibly poor, as well as entrepreneurs who are willing to listen to our experience and those that are […]


An entrepreneurship in motion without any direction or momentum is akin to no motion at all. Business startups are aplenty in this economic age, but not every one of them builds the right kind of momentum to really take off the ground. To ensure you are successful as an entrepreneur means you have gained enough […]


Once you’ve clearly laid out your business plans, moving forward undoubtedly requires talking to investors and reeling them in. This can often be best described as a daunting task. Most well-known investors come across plenty of pitches on a day to day basis and quite simply don’t have the time or energy to meet everyone […]




If you’re a founder with an idea that you are passionate about, we’d love to hear from you. Precedr can help you realise your vision and give you the hand you need to succeed. Click here to deliver your elevator pitch (a quick outline of your business idea) and we’ll be in touch.


If you’ve worked in an industry for many years, have experience managing or opening a business, or can help open doors for our start-ups, we’d love to add you to our network of expert mentors. You’ll work alongside our start-ups helping them develop and grow their business.


If you’re an investor looking to invest in exciting companies right at the beginning of their journey, then we’d love to partner with you to provide the best possible platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and their businesses. Contact us to explore how we can work together.

Co-founders with Skills

If you're an individual with technical, marketing or business development experience and want to work with Founders we have invested in, then consider becoming a co-founder to one of our ventures. You’ll share the journey and the rewards of exciting new projects.


Know someone with a great idea? Get in touch for a chance to earn upto £1000.